Gum Viktor Ohlssons sound design for the game Scrap Mechanic could be described as a Minecraft on steroids. By adding together technical knowledge with a talent for audio production Gum Viktor has contributed to an atmospheric and sonically dynamic game world, where the players can take their appetite for musical discoveries to new levels.

– Dalecarlia Music Awards 2017 – Interactive Sound and Music Production of the year


Viktor possess a versatility in music, sound design and sound effects that are combined in a dramatic entirety in the beta version of Fabula Mortis. He alone was responsible for the design and production of all music and sound – from concept to implementation in the game through a series of different work methods, tools and applications. The music in the trailer and menu helps to frame and sell the game’s theme – an action-packed interpretation of classic fairytales and steampunk – and the sounds in the game adds weight and character to the gaming experience in a modern and powerful way.

– Dalecarlia Music Awards 2014 – Interactive Sound and Music Production of the year


I had the pleasure of working with Viktor during the voice over recording sessions for the game Fabula Mortis, wich was released through Steam in fall 2014. During the two days in his studio Viktor kept a gentle balance between upholding both good morale and high spirits. He was communicative, structured, distinct in his directing, receptive to creative ideas and contributed with a lot of pep and energy during the recording sessions. In addition to the work he also generously shared some of his free time with me to to make my staying in Falun extra fun, wich says a lot about what a nice person he is. This in combination with his professionalism makes him someone you gladly work with again.

– Mikaela Pålsson, Voice Over Actress – www.mikaelapalsson.com


Viktor has on reoccurring occasions been teaching in the courses “Sound Design for Moving Pictures” (LP1035), “From Idea to Master”(LP1042) and “Music Production as Project Work)”(LP1039) at the Educational Programme for Sound and Music Production at Dalarna University.
His teachings have included both lectures and tutoring with the focus on Audio for Video Games and the use of Fmod Designer. Viktor have on his own initiative during that period developed course material for Video Game Sound Design that’s now integrated into the education.
Viktor have a strong sense for the possibilities of audio narrative and is creative, accurate and methodic in his workmanship. Viktor also has a social competence that makes him easy to collaborate with.
I highly recommend hiring Viktor as a Sound Designer.

– Hållbus Totte Mattsson, Artistic Professor – Department of Sound and Music Production,
School of Humanities and Media Studies – Dalarna University


Victor worked with us on our MMO project called Wind of Luck: Arena, www.windofluck.com
He was in charge of integrating the sounds into the game. We’ve used FMOD program and he showed himself as a hard-working professional. We really enjoyed working with Victor and looking forward to work with him on our future projects.
I would be happy to provide any information if required.

-Liuan Kardan, CEO and Project Manager at Trazzy Entertainment – www.trazzy.com


Viktor has from day one shown a great engagement and interest in producing sounds to computer games, or applications similar to computer games wich is what Tenstar AB is developing. Viktor had already knowledge of the sound engine, fmod, when the internship started, wich made it possible for him to start deliver content derectly. The work involved recording of sounds at various sites at locations outside Falun and Viktor went out on the missions with ease, using his own car.

The recorded sound were prepared and implemented in fmod, ready for a programmer to playback from within the code of the simulators. A very busy team has not always been able to utilise the sound implementations that Viktor has produced, nevertheless Viktor proactively on his own initiative created a valuable sound bank to the company for future projects.

Additionally Viktor has been involved with in the daily SCRUM meetings of the team, giving valuable input in discussions which subjects were outside his own area in sound developement. This engagement was highly appreciated by the team. Overall we are very satisfied with Viktor’s effort during the internship.

-Jon Bäcklund, Lead Programmer at Tenstar AB – www.tenstar.se


I recommend Viktor as a person, workman, musicianite and teammate. During the projects that I worked with him he took the lead position as music designer and I dared not question; nor was it needed. He was quick to whip up concepts and even quicker when it came to improving and reworking them. Collecting and implementing sounds is this guy’s fetish; and it is a great mix of work and pleasure for Viktor much appreciated by the rest of a team. Take him!

-Per Johanneson, Game Designer at Playground Squad – www.perjay.com


I’ve worked with Viktor on two separate projects and both times he exceeded my expectations. Viktor is very passionate about what he does and takes his tasks very seriously. He always made sure that the work he delivered would be satisfactory and always kept himself up to date with the project at hand. Viktor always delivered quality sound and never missed a deadline. I sincerely hope I get to work with Viktor again in the future!

-Lennie Hakola, Game Designer at Playground Squad – www.hakola.se/


During my time at Dalarnas University I got to work with Viktor on several projects. The main thing you are quick to understand about Viktor is his dedication to the projects he undertakes and the passion which he shows in his work. That dedication and passion coupled with his great understanding and skills within game audio makes him an exceptionally important asset inside the development team.

-Fredrik Johansson, Freelance Sound Designer / Ludosity Interactive


Viktor gladly takes initiative and always manages to bring something extra to the project he is working with. A big plus is his positive attitude, and he’s easy to work with. He will not give up until the sound is perfect, and he is eager to learn new programs in order to create more realism and atmosphere. I can highly recommend him, I’m also planning to work with him in future projects.

-Patrik Rydén, CEO at Deadghost Interactive – www.deadghost.se