• Scrap Mechanic

    Scrap Mechanic

    Sound Design. Be Creative, build stuff, hear the sound of your contraption fatally crash to the ground

  • Interactive Sound and Music Production of the year at Dalecarlia Music Awards 2014
    Awarded for Interactive Sound and Music Production of the Year
    Dalecarlia Music Awards 2014
  • Fabula Mortis

    Fabula Mortis

    Sound Design, Music, Unreal Development Kit

  • Blodigt Allvar

    Blodigt Allvar – Serious Business

    as Audio Lead. First student PS3 project ever. Featuring screaming zombies, a badass Swedish dude and a healthy dose of violence.

  • Tenstar


    Sound design for heavy duty machinery simulations.

  • Mutant 2: Askfat teaser

    Mutant 2: Askfat teaser

    On location recording, audio post production including foley, ADR, sound design, original music, mixing and mastering.

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